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Atlanta Colonic Center Colon Cleanse Hydrotherapist 30317 Decatur Herbal Reiki Massage Health & Natural Wellness
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Location: east lake, kirkwood, oakhurst
The 3rd chakra or solar plexus is the governing seat towards our wishes, wants & the desire for power that helps us manage our life here on earth. If you have a cloudy disposition then you are not feeling empowered to face your issues with humility in turn leading to hurtful decision making especially with diet. Colonics are relevant because they directly impact your circumstance, i.e, constipation, emotional dis-ease, asthma, seasonal allergies, etc. Personal Hygiene usually just includes a shave, brushing teeth or showering. However, soap will only mask the symptoms of the stink from inside of us. Worms, flukes and parasites living inside our tissue obtain their nourishment from the plague in our colon. Its just a matter of time before you can't hide the rotten odor festering inside the body that can't be expelled in a regular bowel movement. Its like not taking out the trash for 5 days and letting it sit in the corner of your body under 100 degrees of heat. 3rd Sun of Atom specializes in elimination & assimilation organ detox. We primarily focus on 3rd chakra issues to include maladies of the colon, liver, kidneys and pancreas. Other modalities include massage * reflexology * colon hydrotherapy * herbal suplementation & nutritional counseling.
Colonics VS Enemas
Colonics & enemas are 2 methods used for cleaning the colon or large intestine in the body. Both use the process of irrigation to remove waste.
Function * Colonics are often called high colonics because the water reaches all three sections of the large instestines which is ~5ft, including the descending, transverse and descending. * An enema only reaches the first 18 inches of the colon.
Identification * Colonics are usually administered through a licensed colon hydrotherapist at their place of business. Our LIBBE machine sends a constant supply of charcoal filtered ozonated water through the colon, which is dispelled into a basin.
Enemas can be performed at home with an enema bag. It normally takes about 15 enemas to equal the amount of water used in a colonic session.
Benefits * Water from an enema is primarily used for relieving constipation. However, some people use coffee or certain herbs during enema sessions, which is believed to remove toxins. Colonics are used to remove much deeper fecal impactions, reshape distended colons, expel parasites and hydrate the body.
Cost * Colonics are much more expensive than enemas. Colonics can cost up to $85 per session. * Contrarily, an enema bag is relatively inexpensive, about $5. There is no additional expense if one uses just water.
Considerations * People with more serious ailments such as bronchitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis would probably benefit more from a colonic than a enema.
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3rd Sun of Atom, Alternative Health & Natural Wellness
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Rate: $65.00 per person
Rate Details: some clients require a richer medicine than others so we charge on a sliding scale depending on labor intensity, time it takes to get well and other factors.
Other Details: refer to www.3rdsunofatom for pricing details
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2411 memorial drive se
atlanta, GA 30317
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Service Area: East Lake Atlanta Decatur
Years of Service: 1
Service Type: Online Appointment Only
Market Focus: Allergy Relief, Constipation, Skin Rashes, Exzema, Odor
colon waste removal
candida clean up
reduce fibroid tumors
induce bowel movements
cleanse toxins from liver, lungs, small and large intestines
restore normal bowel functions
reduce pressure in the abdominal area
Gynecological disorders such as cystitis, yeast infections and dysmenorrhea
clean the blood and prevent the production of gallstones.
reduce weight and bloating in the body
Im Kanem Bates. I started 3rd Sun of Atom because I have been all over the world visiting allergy relief centers, apothecaries, alternative health clinics and was inspired to bring these jewels to my own community. I have benefited tremendously from colon hydrotherapy and massage in dealing with my own list of afflictions that had plagued me from birth. My staff are a religieux of gifted hands & wealth of knowledge along with an excellent sense of humor and bedside manner to help ease your anguish or concerns. Please feel free to contact us via phone or text.
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