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12 Series Colonics


  What you can expect from the 12 series: Results Vary

First Month

  1. The 1st session is 35 minutes to an hour of you laying on our LIBBE colonic table and defecating waste material. For about the 1st minute just before you expel any waste you may experience tingling in belly as charcoal filtered water & oxygen purified by UV light are gently released into the rectum. There's usually alot of candida yeast flakes floating around. It's normal to pea while defecating. It won't be a continual flow of waste, just a more steady flow of consecutive bowel movements. The first 2 sessions should be back to back so as to avoid a domino effect of the body spewing out too much garbage into the system and to have it just floating around in space leaving your body to have to fend for itself, warding off any past afflictions or infections.
  2. 2nd session is another 35 mins to an hour of hydrating the colon. You may not have as much waste but that may be a sign of a dehydrated colon which obviously leads to impaction and constipation. Suggest taking your internal toxemia or parasite removal herbs and drinking alot of water, aloe vera and electrolytes. You may experience a rush of repressed emotions. Some people cry on the table.
  3. The average person has seven to twenty five pounds of fecal matter in their colon. The colon is as long as you are tall. The body is not equipped to handle all the process foods we consume on the daily that has no nutritional value. By the 3rd colonic session one may start having more powerful releases. You should come in about a week, 7 days since your last colonic and do a 4th, either the next day or the day after that.
  4. The 4th colonic is a bit more shocking you may be a little light in your expelling waste but may notice little black grain sized bits. This is the kidney most likely releasing stones. If you are taking your herbal detox you can expect all the assimilation and elimination organs to dump their waste out into the colon.

2nd Month

  1. Deep bowel cleansing by the 5th. You usually can see bile coming out into the tube. It is a neon green yellowish color. This is the liver detoxifying itself. Continue taking your HerbaL Atom.
  2. More expelling waste and bile, stones and bits with the 6th colonic. 
  3. By the 7th now you probably have seen a parasite, worm or fluke pass thru. Sometimes they are clear pin sized looking like sauerkraut. Others are dark at the head with little open slithes for mouths or tails.
  4. If you havent had a healing crisis it may start for you by the 8th colonic session. Some breathing difficulty if you are asthmatic, a break out.. it's the body trying to get well as you are releasing all karmic debt thru the colon out pass the rectum and into the bowl.

3rd Month

  1. Perhaps some serious mucoid plaque release with the 9th.  Now this is what we have been waiting for. Your back starts to crack as you release some powerful impaction from way back in lower bowel track. Your body temperature heats up but not in a bad way. You can breath deep but you will be exhausted. We recommend an reiki  before or after.
  2. Its the calm after the storm with the 10th. You can sit back and let the LIBBE table do all the work for you. Improvise and do some yoga poses while laying back to get the water places in the body that it wont travel to unless you breathe, relax and strike a pose. 
  3. The body's ph is alkaline. You can eat a little more than you have. Stick with as much raw fruits and vegetable juicing as possible. The 11th colonic session is basically more maintenance. The releases are about as basic as a normal bowel movement. You can space it out by the 8th session anyway. You should try to complete a 12 series in as little as 3-4 months.
  4. Your 12th colonic is usually sweet, smooth, and deeply emotive. You are not the same person. You have loss about 15 to 45 lbs of excrement just floating around in the body cavity. You can walk, eat better, jog, sleep more sound. You have bounds of energy. But, rest. It will take alot out of you to get this well. You have done the work. Come back about once a season.