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How did you get your start in the holistic health movement?

I grew up eating a host of taboo foods with no real nutritional value from my neighborhood bodegas and corner stores so a few things developed early on from croup to bronchitis, allergies and asthma, eczema, weak bones and teeth plus other maddening afflictions.  I used what we had in the medicine chest to ease my anguish but to no avail. I discovered I needed to make my own potions or tonic tinctures. I discovered the magic  healing of herbs like ginseng, yohimbe, aloe vera, wheatgrass ... to name a few.  I made my mistakes not taking into consideration the contra-indications that stem from mix-matching herbs together.  Eventually, it all just settled and kind of just came to me as far as what ingredients put together were the most beneficial towards improving my health.

What is the best way to buy your products?

90% of my products sold come from online customers who have not even visited my onsite location. My customers are devouts. They intend on getting the best health products available to them from people or companies that use what they sell or atleast only market the things they can produce. My products are special order. My customers order online first and then come pick them up from the store or I mail them out.  It should take up to 2-5 business days depending on where you live.  I mail out of the country all the time, as well.  Just make sure to include your apartment # if there's one.

Are you a doctor?

No.  We desire to work closely with other professional medical licensures who specifically deal with patients who need our service.  Like, colonoscopy preparation or those looking forward to have a radiological or endoscopic examination.  Many doctors prior to performing a colonoscopy would recommend a colon hydrotherapy session or series to ultimately clean the colon as to remove waste from the bowel tract so they can better see for polyps with their veiwing cam.  The website in general serves as a guide to giving you information on more natural & alternative ways to improve health.   For example, by looking at the relevant significance in relationship to your natal chart one can get a better idea as to what foods are best suited for a particular sign of their zodiac.  This goes for herbs as well as far as what one can take in combination to remedy their afflction.  Since it is illegal to diagnose and treat people for serious medical conditions if you're not a trained physician, a medical astrologer who is not a qualified doctor can provide plenty of insight and understanding about the body but not necessarily diagnose acute medical conditions. In the past it was common for doctors to use astrology to point out specifics in the dietary perception of a patients woes in combination to treat their medical conditon.  It has been my own personal experience that the difference between todays contemporary doctor vs a healer, shaman or mulla is that a doctor is either educated or  mis-educated, but a healer is born or reborn.  Everyone is potentially a healer. The truth heals every time which is why we ask ourselves here at 3rd Sun of Atom, "How can we heal someone if, we are imitating them?"

What's with the name?

3rd sun of atom is relevant because we deal exclusively with the 3rd chakra or solar plexus. It is here in this energy center that deals with the elimination, assimilation and digestive organs, the colon, kidney, spleen, pancreas & liver, the lungs and skin. The 3rd chakra is ruled by the persons will, judgement  and making decisions.  A weak will, a weak colon.  Especially, if you are an emotional eater or move in haste. It is a universal knowledge that disease begins and ends in the colon.

Who are your clients mainly?

People from all walks of life either desperate for a new lease on life, coming away from an illness contemporary medicine could not cure or, high on life individuals just looking to maintain.

Do you do lectures or seminars?

No but we do provide downloads with powerful insight that gave me the foundation for inspiring my work.  I started off attending intellectual lectures and health seminars as a child with my parents.  Get on our mailing list. I share a lot but when I get out of breath I just send everyone to the website. It reiterates everything I've been saying all along and on what you can anticipate from our service. I prefer blogs and email to keep folks up to date. If you are a person who loves sharing  knowledge and testimony if front of a captive audience we should connect on some type level to compare notes.

How did you learn all of this stuff?

In my 40 plus years I definitely have a testimony or two to tell you.  Health is the key to Life.  If you obey the time, follow your star and glorify the creator by livity and soulful purpose then longevity and prosperity will support you in all your years.  My story is scrambled throughout these pages. Look at the pictures and meditate on the information being provided.  I decided to take up my cross and defy the rules of Ascension instead by gaining mastery over all my faculties and thus becoming a manifestation of study one day at a time.  Alas, I began to love & accept my uniqueness which was being overshadowed by guilt, fear & questionable esteem. The sources of my demise  were from over-eating, smoking, drugs, drinking or indulging in many other illicit acts. Pursuing a career path in alternative health help me to overcome them all.