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Colonic FAQ's

Colonic Prospectus & FAQ's
Colon hydrotherapy is a method of removing fecal matter & toxins from the colon. The colon is about a 5 to 6 ft tube-like organ that is connected to the small intestine.  Its job is to absorb any remaining water & electrolytes from the semi-solid remains of our diets and to form fecal matter. Through a wavelike motion called peristalsis, fecal matter and toxic waste material is evacuated through the anal cavity. Colon hydrotherapy softens and loosens fecal matter by allowing a small amount of temperature controlled filtered water to flow into the colon. This helps to facilitate the evacuation of impacted fecal matter, retained gas, parasites and toxic material through the natural action of the assimilation, digestive and eliminative organs. Sessions take place in a tranquil spa-like setting in a room with your own privacy.  Clients are draped at all times.  FDA approved equipment, disposable single-use speculums and tubes are utilized.   A gentle up to an hour Colon Detoxifying session is administered to the client. A soothing flow filtration of temperature-controlled water is gently infused into the body temple thru the rectum so that the digested toxins and waste that is built up inside the colon can be released and the flushed out. As a result, your kidneys, liver, heart and lungs will process energy much more effectively and the blood which is a vehicle for your spirit will be able to absorb more readily the nutrients and trace minerals in the foods you digest. A healing crisis is inevitable so listen carefully to your provider as they will guide you in your journey towards perfect health and allergy relief.
1. Does it hurt, are they safe?
No, it doesn't hurt.  It is not surgery but it is minimally invasive because you insert a lubricated rectal nozzle tube tip about an inch ways into your rectum. The tip is rounded off about the size of a baby's pinky finger.   Lubricant is provided to ensure a smooth insertion.   Whatever a client feels when they normally use the bathroom is typically what they will experience during a colonic session
2. How long will it take?
New clients should schedule approximately 1hr for a colonic session. An Intake form is completed online to give us any heads up about pre-existing medical conditions.  After which, the instrumentation and procedure is explained in detail. The provider then addresses any questions or concerns. Once the client is completely comfortable, the colonic begins which does not exceed an hour.
3. Can I eat before a session?
It is more comfortable  not to  have a colonic with a full stomach. Therefore, it is recommended  not to eat  2 hours prior to a session. Appointments should be scheduled around a nutrition supervised eating regimen.  It is not wise to have someone just jump on the table.  It is suggested to atleast prepare for a session in conjunction to a body detox program since a healing crisis is inevitable.
4. Can I go to work after a session?
Yes. Clients do not have to restrict their schedule in any way. Drink plenty of fresh water, replenish your electrolytes and probiotics, eat light gradual meals. Preferably no meats or dairy.
5. How many colonics will I need?
A series of colonics is recommended if a client has never had a colonic or hasn’t had one in a years time. After which, a single maintenance session is recommended every 3 months for most. Please keep your wellness goal(s) in mind and discuss them with the provider before your session so that a more accurate recommendation can be suggested.  
6. Will a colonic wash away the good and bad bacteria?
Yes. Many clients use a Probiotic which is an over the counter dietary supplement found in most health food stores to restore the good bacteria. Clients who eat diary could also use yogurt.
7. What type of system is used?
An open system, LIBBE, is used at 3rd Sun of Atom. LIBBE means Lower Intestine Bottom Bowel Evacuation.  The LIBBE is FDA Approved. The LIBBE is a durable, one piece fiberglass, seat based system. Gravity Fed.. Ultra-Violet Water Filter/Purification. Odorless Vent System. Therapist assisted or Privately operated by the patron for those who prefer solitude
8. Intended medical uses for colonics include radiological endoscopy, treating fecal incontinence, colonoscopy preparation

Disclosure Statement:   Here @ 3rd Sun of Atom, we will not prescribe medicine, treat diseases nor diagnose clients that we see. Sound nutritional advice and supplemental services that go along with professional medically supervised support from a licensed & trained physician are all we intend to market and promote as an aid to helping you reach your healthy goals and objectives.  Should you decide to use our facility without a doctors note or your physicians consent then you're excercising your constitutional right to self-treat which you will do so at your own risk and liability.