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Herbal Colon Cleanse & Condtioner

Herbal Colon Cleanse & Condtioner
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Question frequently asked... 

Do I have to be in the bathroom all the time?

While you will be going to the bathroom more often, you will not experience it as an overwhelming, uncontrollable or urgent need. Our product have been formulated to act very gently, but surely, with your body. 

Will I be hungry all the time?

Taking the formula 3 times a day will greatly reduce hunger pains. Also, you can have an organic vegetable soup broth our herbal atom irish moss restorative tonic if you need a little extra energy.

If I eat during fasting and cleansing will I still get out the plaque?

No, you may get out small bits, but it takes fasting on liquids to allow the herbs to bind to the “plaque” rather than solid food in order to move the plaque out. If you elect to eat, you will not get out any large amount of plaque, but you will still be cleansing and eliminating toxins throughout your intestinal system as well as establishing regularity.

When will I start to see mucoid plaque? 

The majority of users generally report seeing mucoid plaque within a few days. This is because the intestines take time to empty of solid food and begin the cleansing process.

Can I exercise while doing a colon cleanse?

If you are feeling good and strong, then exercise, but keep to an easy routine. Don’t do strenuous exercise while on a liquid diet. For example, walk - don’t run, stretch, and don’t do heavy lifting.

Which cleanse do I do first?

We recommend doing a Herbal Colon Cleanse first, because It is important to remove old, accumulated waste before you move onto heavy detoxifying other parts of your body.  If this intestinal waste is not cleansed first, it will continue to release toxins into your body, while you are trying to cleanse other areas.

For optimum results after completing a colon cleanse, you should resume eating solid foods for four days and continue taking our herb capsules each evening, before dinner.

How interchangeable area colon cleansers?

Colon hydrotherapy and a colon cleanser are two distinct and separate programs; do not confuse the two. Do not follow protocol from colonics vs for a colon cleanser and vice versa.

Can I substitute a colon cleanser for an over the counter drug that helps clean me out?

No, this would not be a good idea. A Liftestyle Advice session is used to determine how many colon detox capsules you'll need to take on each day of the colonic series while eating a healthy diet. 

What if my bowels just won't move?

Often this could be associated with a difficulty of letting go at an emotional level. Stress, pressure, and sudden challenges can also easily affect bowel movements. If one is paying "too much" attention to their bowel movements this can cause "emotional" constipation. Simply letting go at the emotional level will release the bowels. Once a person with this challenge has released for the first time, they should not experience any more difficulties. Try reiki.

Why don’t I see plaque while doing the colon cleasnse?

You will see it when you wipe your bottom.  It won't necessarily be felt.  Plaque leads to malabsorption, A condition that prevents absorption of nutrients through the small intestine. You will experience a rush of energy into your body after the cleanse because of the condensed fibrous material in the products.  It scrubs the colon clean.

How should I handle headaches, physical discomforts, pain, or emotional swings while doing the colon cleanse?

Consider an herbal infused colonic.  We will use Peppermint tea if you feel congested, depressed, or backed up.  Chamomile tea if you feel over excited, over emotional, or overly nervous. It will be to your benefit to change your bad habits at this time. Stop eating from off the side of the road anyway if you can.

I feel bloated after drinking my Tonic. Why and is this OK?

The tonics contain a bulk fiber formula that draws liquids and toxins to itself. You have seen how it begins to swell up after mixing with juice in your Shaker Jar. It continues this expansion in your stomach and intestines, drawing up toxins to itself. This produces a “full” sensation after drinking it.  Because we have added a large, therapeutic dose of Ginger root or Peppermint leaf to the formula, this feeling dissipates quickly. Most do not experience any discomfort at all. You will find that the Ginger or Peppermint also greatly enhances the flavor of the drink, making it pleasant to taste and swallow.

I got really bloated doing the colon cleanse. Is this normal and is there anything I can do about it?

Some people do experience quite a bit of bloating for the first couple of days until they move out some of the stuff that wants to come out. This is normal. However, to keep from getting uncomfortable while this is happening, it is very important to keep your bowels moving. Please, consider a series of colonics at this time

I am taking various supplements or medications now. Should I stop them?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you NOT take any other herbs, supplements, vitamins, mineral, OTC or recreational drugs while you are cleansing. Cleansing is an opportunity for the body to clean house; the least added to your diet, the more effective the cleansing. If, however, you feel intuitively you need to keep taking them, please follow your intuition; your own personal guide for what’s best for you. If you are taking prescription drugs, it is better to wait until you have finished the course of your prescription before beginning your cleanse. If your prescription is needed for an ongoing, daily basis, please continue as directed. 

Drugs that may interact with our products:
  • Anticoagulant Drugs
  • Antihypertensive Drugs
  • Antiplatelet Drugs
  • Aspirin
  • Corticosteroids
  • Diuertic Drugs
  • Heart Drugs
  • Insulin

I have a health problem. Can I take your products with it?


If you have any of the following conditions, but not limited to, please consult your healthcare provider before using:

  • Blocked Gallbladder/Gallstones
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Hiatal Hernia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hypokalemia
  • Kidney Disease
  • Liver Disease
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Herbal Colon Cleanse & Condtioner
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