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Constipation Relief - Digestive Tract Paralysis

Constipation Relief - Digestive Tract Paralysis
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Constipation occurs where muscles or nerves in the colon fail to function effectively. This will then prevent any fecal matter from moving through the colon as it should normally and could lead to issues such as constipation. An alternative to going up under the knife are introducing to the digestive system natural herbs and colon hydrotherapy. With more individuals becoming concerned with their general health and fitness many are starting to pay particular attention to their 3rd chakra or gastrointestinal system.  Disease begins and ends in the colon, a known fact.  Various colon therapies are now available for those who wish to up their ante when it comes to colon health and cleansing their body.

Causes of Digestive Tract Paralysis

  • stimulating laxatives
  • inadequate water intake
  • inadequate fiber intake in the diet
  • medicines such as strong pain medications, antidepressants or iron pills
  • pregnancy



  • constipation: defined as trouble passing bowel movements or extremely dry stool, making the body feel very uncomfortable.
  • diarrhea: having this will likely result in dehydration, which could then result in severe electrolyte imbalances.
  • abdominal pain or distension: stomach starts protruding outwards.
  • vomiting or nausea: 


  • Our herbal fiber formula: cascara sagrada, chapparal, dandelion, psyllium husk, senna, alfalfa, flax.
  • How to take: The individual should begin drinking 2 glasses of water daily with 1 capsule or mixed in with a teaspoon per glass of the herbal fiber formula a day particularly with warm liquids to help with the passage of bowel movements with or without meals.
  • Add more fruits and vegetables to their diet along with prunes, okra or bran cereal as both are very good sources of dietary fiber.  Do not take with any other medicine as it may render its effectiveness futile.
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Constipation Relief - Digestive Tract Paralysis
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