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Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh
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Model: menstrual pain, sore throat, rheumatism, bronchitis
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Blue Cohosh * Papoose Root or Squaw Root, used by Native American women who brew a bitter tea to relieve menstrual cramps and ease the pains associated with childbirth. Found to induce uterine contractions to speed delivery, and was widely used by native Americans and early settlers to treat common maladies such as sore throat, rheumatism, anxiety, bronchitis, and colic.

Modern alchemists recommend Blue Cohosh to

  • induce menstruation
  • uterine stimulant and antispasmodic.
  • employed as a diuretic to eliminate excess fluids
  • expectorant to treat congestion
  • diaphoretic to eliminate toxins by inducing sweating.


  1.  Pregnant and nursing women should not use this herb at all.
  2. can interfere with medically prescribed dosage
  3. ability to raise blood pressure means that it is not suitable for long term use 
  4. users who have suffered a stroke or who have been diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease should not use it at all.

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Blue Cohosh
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