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Pepper Elder, Shiny Bush, L. Joint Wood,

Pepper Elder, Shiny Bush, L. Joint Wood,
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Model: Colds, gas, stomach ache, colic
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PEPEROMIA PELLUCIDA or PIPER AMALGO aka Elder, Helda, Joint Wood, Kunth, Rats Ears, Ratta Temper, Silver Bush, Shiny Bush
  • Used as a tea for a loose cough.
  • In the Grenadines - silver bush, it provides a tea for undernourished children. 
  • In Africa  employed in infusions for convulsions.
  • In Trinidad, called shiny bush, used for colds and as a cooling medicine for children.
  • In Jamaica this plant is still included among the ubiquitous "cold bushes": it is considered especially valuable as a children's remedy.
  • In Cuba it is an excellent "blood cooler" and helps one to sleep
 How to use: Put in a tea ball. boiling in down in a 2 cups of waters for about 15 minutes. let it sit for about 10 minutes then drink.  you drink it as an iced beverage tonic to be taken with your herbal capsules throughout the day.  Goes great with the internal toxemia detox capsules.
The young stem and leaves of this species provide a decoction for flatulence serve as a tonic for the blood. the root is sudorific, diaphoretic and good for dropsy,

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Pepper Elder, Shiny Bush, L. Joint Wood,
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