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Sage & Incense

Sage & Incense
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Model: smudging * protection * healing
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Desert Sage 5":

Beneficial uses of Sage:

Comes in a bundle. Cut string so that you have as many pieces as there are sticks at the bottom.  Turn sage downward with stick pointed upwards and light until sage starts to smolder.  Wave repeatedly back and forth, into corners, doorways, across the bed and in dark shadowy places.  Recite incantations or move prayerfully minded until desired spiritual uplift has been manifested.  For more powerful removable effect of negative vibe or energy place an egg straight out the carton and into a small bowl of water so ill will or spirit can find a place to hide when you light your incense or sage.  After the sage has burnt out or smoke has dissapated, place egg outside of your space or home, but don't crack it.  

  • instrument of power for minds infected with bad intention
  • helps keep meditations free from corruption
  • smudging dreadlocks, or persons body during massage or reiki

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Sage & Incense
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Sage & Incense
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