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Model: liver insufficiency, kidney oedema, anemia
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  • natural antiseptic, antidiarrheic and antipyretic.
  • gout, anemia, excess water retention.
  • External use for hemorrhoids and vaginitis.
  • Bile-mover, wormwood contributes to blood purification and the metabolization of fats
  • Acts as a strong herbal purifier that support the body's natural cleansing process.
  • Acts as a sedative.
  • May aid in the relief of fever.
  • Aids in expelling worms from the intestinal tract.
  • Stimulates overall digestion.
  • Improves liver and gallbladder function, and aids in reducing gallbladder inflammation.
  • Acts as an effective aid for indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn
  • Improves poor appetite.
  • Stimulates and regulates menstruation.


toxic in heavy dosage.  take with precaution. avoid if pregnant or breast feeding

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