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3rd Sun Herbal - Atomic Tonic

3rd Sun Herbal - Atomic Tonic
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Our Phyto - Therapeutic Formulas are a digestible nutritional balance of seaweed, blue green algae & herbs

How to take:  Take a tablespoon orally either directly or add it to a cup of tea, swish and hold before you swallow

To best understand how our herbal tonic formulas work, it’s important to quickly review how the entire digestive process functions:

Aromatic herbs cause your salivary glands to secrete alkaline saliva, pH of 8.0.  This allows the glands in our mouths to secrete ptyalin, a type of the enzyme amylase which begins to break down the molecular carbohydrate structure of the herbs.  The more you swish around the contents, the easier the ingredients will break down, greatly improving digestion & assimilation.
  1. The masticated herb particles pass through the esophagus and into the stomach.
  2. In the stomach the herbs are bathed in hydrochloric acid  to kill pathogens and mixed with pepsinogen enzymes. This breaks the contents down into a liquid substance known as chyme.
  3. Chyme then passes through the pyloric valve, past the Brunners glands and into the duodenum where it is fully alkalized (pH 8.9)
  4. The liver creates bile, which is stored in the gallbladder, to detoxify any harmful substances in the chyme and prepare it to be absorbed by the small intestine.
  5. The pancreas and the gallbladder release the enzymes amylase, lipase and protease to divide carbohydrates, fats and proteins into simple sugars, fatty acids and amino acids respectively.
  6. The purified and simplified chyme then moves into the small intestine where 22 other enzymes mix with it and where the formulas nutrients are absorbed by tiny surfaces called microvilli.
  7. After a few minutes to an hour, depending on which formula you take, chyme moves from the small intestine through the ileocecal valve and into the cecum, or bottom of the ascending colon. This is where parasites often dwell in unhealthy people.
  8. The chyme moves up the ascending colon, across the transverse, down the descending to the rectum and out through the anus through a process called peristalsis. Up to 40% of what is eliminated from the colon is bacteria. The other 60% consists of indigestible solid matter.

In the digestive process, the colon’s main functions are to:

  • compact the chyme (liquefied food)
  • absorb excess water from the chyme
  • receive the formulas contents and assimilate to the focus parts of the body with the aid of healthy intestinal bacteria
  • move compacted chyme and dead bacteria into the rectum and out of the body

For Information on how each tonic works, click the INFO tab atop the page!

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